So back when I first started writing code, I was had this obsession with screen savers. I don’t really know why but I loved screen savers that were not repetitive, ones that changed over time and did something. Like any of the following:

…and my personal favorite:

but nowadays I don’t download screen savers unless I can compile from source…

anyways, at one time I attempted to create my own in VB (why VB…well that’s a post in itself) based on the Space Combat screen saver, but I didn’t have fancy graphics. So I used basic sprites and freely available images found on various corners of the InterTubes:

AGX-04 Deathstar Easter Bunny Ghost 2 H2o Happy Face Hitchhiker's Guy LOMPSTER M Falcon MA-04X Pac Ghost Radish RB-79 Slave 1 Space Ship Sunburst

If you want to take a look you can download it, or with the VB source